5 Tips to Maintain Your AC system like a Pro

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There are many home appliances that require regular maintenance and proper care. Inability to provide the needed care can not affect the efficiency of the appliance but can also negatively impact its lifespan. Same goes for an air conditioner. After spending a fortune on residential air conditioning installation, you wouldn’t want to spend on its frequent repairs. Here are a few maintenance tips on how to do so.

1. Opt for Regular Cleaning

The AC systems need regular cleaning for perfect functioning and smooth air throw. You should clean the indoor unit no later than 15 days. After removing all the dirt, the AC will start functioning properly, and the performance will improve. The whole system, including the vents, should be cleaned at least once in a year. The outdoor unit and the exterior of the AC system can be easily cleaned using the right cleaning reagents.

2. Get an Annual Professional Service

An annual professional service for your AC system is also essential for optimum performance. The big vents and large pipes can go missed when doing it at home. The professionals that provide air conditioning services will make sure to reach each and every corner of the appliance. They will also let you know regarding the damage points if any in your system. This will also increase the longevity of your cooling system.

3. Lookout for Any Noise

You will also have to look out for any type of noise coming from your aur regulation system. If you notice any noise coming from it, you should immediately call a technician and get it checked. Some hissing and grinding noises are an indicator of some underlying problem. If left unchecked, the problem can grow bigger and can cause some serious damage to the entire system that will be beyond repair.

4. Take Care of the Placement

Next,  you will need to take care of the locations and position of the AC unit. The outdoor unit should be placed somewhere airy, keeping all the instructions for its placement in regard. Similarly, the indoor unit of a split AC should be placed at an angle that provides air to the entire room. The wrong position can also negatively impact the performance of an AC. If you are going for a central cooling and heating system, make sure to install it in all rooms of the house. Don’t forget to consider the size and floor location of each room while installing an air conditioning system.

5. Fix the Leakage on Time

Lastly, any kind of leakage from the AC unit indicates the leakage of its refrigerant. Refrigerant is basically the cooling chemical in any AC that does the magic and its supply is limited in such systems. If it starts to leak out, your AC will not be able to maintain lower room temperatures and will wear out soon. Therefore, if you notice any type of fluid leakage or frosting on the pipes of the AC, contact a professional at your earliest.

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