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Whether it’s an individual or an online business form, the personal brand is the way to reach out to the potential clients and maintain their relation and the reputation. The uniqueness of the brand of how you want to be known for your authenticity can bring out the best in your brand.

Recently I have had an interview with the most popular personal brand Aditya Jain who has shared his thoughts on how he has maintained his personal brand and have set a benchmark for others. He has shared his experiences, his competition and how he see himself down the line. Let’s read what he has to say:

Q1. What projects are you presently working on?

ANS: I am currently working on my various students who are lagging behind. I am also working on publishing a book on confidence for those who cannot give time to the classes and it’s economical too. Additionally, I have started giving motivational classes to my students. 

Q2. Where do you see yourself in the competition?

ANS: I am a very non-competitive person. The only person that I do compete with is myself. And that too every time I feel that I could have done better because whatever I am giving training to my staff and my students is reflecting myself. Therefore, I concentrate on my own work and leave the competition part to people who are not secure about their talent. 

Q3. How has stardom changed you?

ANS: Well, I won’t say this is a stardom to me because I just want to reach out to as many  as possible people who are in need of classes and coaching like these. But yeah I would say in your terms that Stardom has changed me for sure but not in the conventional way most people believe. I am the same person that I was 5 years ago when the world didn’t know me. However, I do crave privacy and alone time now. So basically, stardom hasn’t changed me – it has changed my circumstances.

Q4. How do you balance your work and private lives?

ANS: It is the most difficult thing to balance your work life and your private one. I try to take one month out each year so that I can just run away from it all with my family. I try not to work over the weekends unless I have a commission that is not in the city where I live. Somehow, this arrangement works.

Q5. Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years?

ANS: That is difficult to say. Ideally, I would like to be spending my life with my family for sure. Since I have kids now, I’ll be happy if I can be a part of their lives. That is all I can think of right now!

Q6. What is your dream project?

ANS: I would really love to spread my services and my insights to all the people irrespective of their circumstances and their behavior because once in a lifetime, I just think that you have that saturation point where you just feel that you want to be your better version. And that’s the time where you should be moving ahead in your life. My services and I can be a helping and supportive hand for that time. Thus, that’s how I think of my dream come true where no one has to seek these situations and problems to anyone.

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