UK Doctors Clear Guideline Vaping Is Low Risk

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Vaping has gained a lot of positive as well as negative popularity. The purpose of inventing e-cigarettes was to provide smokers with a smoking-like but less harmful alternative. Since vape kits have not been in the industry for a long time, the research on their long-term effects is limited, unlike smoking, which is infamous for its hazardous effects on health and the environment.

What Doctors Say About Vaping:

Based on the limited research available, let’s see what the doctors have to say. There cannot be said much, but this is certain that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, and this is a significant amount of difference between vape kits and conventional cigarettes. Doctors follow NHS guidelines, and NHS has approved vaping as the best and safest alternative to smoking; thus, doctors also believe this.

Results Published By Research Institutes:

Aside from the National Health Sciences, many other research and health institutes have approved that vaping is 95% safer and  better than smoking. Among many reliable and popular platforms, some are the American National Academy of Sciences And Medicine, the Public Health England, and the British Royal College of Physicians. All of these agree on one thing, i.e. vape kits perpetrate much less harm than traditional cigarettes.

Why Vape Devices Should Be Used:
Vape devices have many benefits over regular cigarettes, some of which are given below:
  • Vape clouds do not contain tar and carbon monoxide; both of them are the most harmful toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke in large quantities.
  • Vaping does not affect the environment as much as smoking does.
  • Vaping does not cause the issue of second-hand smoking; your surroundings are affected much less by vaping.
  • Vaping delays the onset of several health hazards by many folds.
  • It causes much less damage to the human body and helps reduce environmental pollution.
  • Cigarette smoke carries more than 7000 toxins which open the gateway to many serious diseases, and a vaper does not inhale such a significant number of toxic chemicals; vapingis 95% safer.
  • Vape kits do not contain tobacco; instead, they have an e-liquid which is prepared in the laboratories. Since tobacco is not used in them, soil and water pollution is also prevented due to a decrease in tobacco production.
Best Thing About Vape Devices:

One of the most significant advantages of vaping is that nicotine consumption can be controlled and reduced over time. The e-liquids used in vape devices are made of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, nic salt, and flavour. You can find vape juice in different nicotine concentrations, from 0mg to 20mg.

Due to the use of nic salt, your satisfaction level and sleep quality will also improve, as salt nicotine stays in the body for extended periods and quickly gets absorbed into the bloodstream. You get to pick different e-juice strengths and flavours; this makes the smoking-cessation journey easier. So, according to doctors and health authorities, vape kits are the best and safest alternative to smoking.


It can be concluded that if you are struggling to quit smoking or find it hard to resist smoking, you should rather use e-cigarettes and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Although abandoning both vaping and smoking is an ideal choice, vaping still tops smoking due to being 95% safer, as attested by doctors and regulatory bodies.


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