What Is Lumbar Spine MRI Scan, And Its Diagnostic Value

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scan images. An MRI scan for lower back or Lumbar region MRI scan is often used by the doctor to evaluate the region for any injury or condition like inflammation, disk herniation etc. the MRI scan is a non-invasive, painless abd safe diagnostic method as it doesn’t involve ionising radiations which can cause potential tissue damage.

Uses of Lumbar Spine MRI

A lumbar spine imaging can be used to evaluate and diagnose certain conditions. Some of the uses are– 

  • To check for the cause of back pain
  • To visualise lumbar disk herniation which may cause leg pain.
  • To look for spinal alignment
  • To monitor the spine and region before and after surgery.
  • To detect tumours occurring on and in vicinity of the spinal cord.
  • To look for abnormalities of vertebrae or the spinal column
  • To check for any inflammation of the nerves and spinal cord.
  • To evaluate the damage caused to the spinal cord after an injury.

Your doctor might also use the MRI scan for-

  • If you have a fever with sudden back pain.
  • To evaluate trauma or injury
  • To examine bowel and bladder for conditions like incontinence
  • If you have sudden back pain along with spinal tenderness, these can be linked to cancer, osteoporosis, or steroid use.
  • If you have some serious underlying condition like cancer.
  • If you have weakness, numbness or other problems pertaining to legs.
  • To detect birth defects affecting your spine
  • To evaluate problems related to bladder.

Preparation Before MRI Scan?

  • You should tell your doctor if you are pregnant, although there are no side effects found related to MRI scan
  • You should take along your doctors prescription
  • If you have had any allergic reaction in previous contrast based scans, you should inform your doctor
  • If you have any metal device implanted, you should inform your doctor such as  – 
    • Artificial heart valves
    • Cardiac pacemaker
    • Clips
    • Dental Implants
    • Clips
    • Pins
    • Screws
    • Plates
    • prosthetic/artificial limbs
    • Stents
    • Defibrillators
  • If you are claustrophobic, you should tell your doctor, you might need sedatives.
  • You should remove all the jewellery like
    • Watches
    • Piercings
    • Dentures
    • Eye glasses
    • Jewellery 

What Are The Risks Associated With MRI Lumbar Spine?

  • MRI scan technique is a safe and painless procedure. It doesn’t usually pose any risks or side effects as it does not use radiation.
  • The strong magnet used for the scanning procedure creates a strong magnetic field. This magnetic field can displace or move any metal object  present in your body like jewellery, or cardiac pacemaker device parts.
  • The magnetic field can attract metal objects like jewellery.  If these objects are placed too close to the scanner, the scan machine might cause these metals to  move at a certain speed. This can damage the machine and patient both, this is why it is suggested to remove the jewellery and all possible metal objects before the scan.
  • Other side effects from MRI, although rare can be-
    • Thermal injuries such as burns (second degree burn)
    • Injury from metal object movement 
    • Falls
    • Hearing impairment
    • Tinnitus
  • Side effects/allergic reaction pertaining to contrast dye-
    • Pain at injection site
    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Itchy and dry eyes
    • Hives
    • Dizziness
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Lightheadedness


Back pain has become one of the major symptoms these days. Young individuals especially young females. It is very important to diagnose such conditions.One of the diagnostic methods is MRI Spine. Get our scan from the Best MRi Spine scan centre near you, to get a precise diagnosis.

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