What You Need To Know About Impact Supplement Shaker

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The Impact Supplement Shaker is a great way to mix and froth your protein powders and other supplements. Its sturdy construction is made of chemical-resistant polymer and is BPA-free and food-safe. The shaker comes with a protein powder storage cup and plastic mixing net. It also contains an antimicrobial additive. There are many trusted online stores like Impact Sport Nutrition where you can buy them easily.


The Bioplastic Impact Supplement Shaker is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint. This reusable supplement bottle was made from sugar cane, a plant that stores CO2 during growth. This natural plastic withstands a variety of temperatures, and its sturdy design will help you shake up your supplements without getting sloshed or spilling.

Stainless steel

One of the most important aspects of a supplement shaker is the material it is made of. Stainless steel is non-reactive, making it durable and resistant to rust. It also has anti-microbial properties, so it won’t harbor mold or bacteria. Stainless steel is also easy to clean. Because it doesn’t contain plastic, it will not Leach harmful chemicals into your protein shake.

The shaker bottle itself is made of durable 20-ounce stainless steel. The wire whisk balls inside will not rattle and leave your shake with lumps. The bottle also comes with a leak-proof lid and is BPA and DEHP-free. This shaker is also the perfect size to fit in a car cup holder.

Rice and pea proteins

Pea and rice proteins are high-quality plant-based proteins that can enhance overall health and promote muscle growth. They are ideal for people with food allergies and for those who want to consume more plant-based foods. They can be mixed into smoothies, muffins, oatmeal, and other healthy snacks.

Pea and rice protein powder is a convenient way to add protein to your diet. They both provide 3.5 grams of essential amino acids. The two types of protein are easily absorbed by your body. Moreover, both of them are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In addition, they are cheap and are dairy-free.

Pea protein provides your body with 45 percent of its daily requirements of iron. This mineral is essential for the development and functioning of the immune system and brain. It also supports a healthy mood and balances neurotransmitters.

Easy to clean

The Impact Supplement Shaker has an easy-to-clean, non-reactive sleeve that protects the glass carafe from damage and provides an easy-to-grip design. It is easy to use and clean, and its sleek design makes it easy to carry and store in gym bags. It also has a handy carrying loop for easy storage.

To clean this shaker properly, you must first remove the top and rinse with a solution of boiling water and dish soap. Pour the hot solution into the shaker and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then, clean the cap and mouthpiece using a sponge. This method will remove any residue and stains and keep your shaker smelling fresh for a long time.

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